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Rugs add so much to our living environment by adding color and warmth to any room and are a pleasure to walk on. Over time vibrant colors and patterns look jaded and dull, this happens when the rug has collected dirt, dust, debris, skin cells etc. Our state of the art process is designed to properly clean and protect this investment the right way. Let Carpet cleaning service; care for your fine rug the way is was meant to be cared for. We specialize in the all types of rugs and carpets. Our company commits to provide you with the high quality of service and products and by that always keeping our customers 100% satisfied. By deep cleaning your area rugs and Oriental carpets, we make them look shiny, soft and more durable. A clean rug, will last longer. Same Day Service

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Carpet cleaning Service is please to offer expert Rug Cleaning for home owners and businesses in the United States. The rugs in your home represent a significant investment and should be treated as such. It doesn’t matter if your rugs are Orientals. It doesn’t matter if they are square, round or rectangular. With over years of fabric care experience, you can entrust carpet cleaning Service to provide quality rug cleaning at affordable prices. Rugs are Extraordinary soft and are very much cozy. They need a lot of expertness to clean a rug without causing any Damage to the fiber. We also adjust cleaning temperatures and pressures to meet the special requirements of each type of rug. After cleaning, all rugs are dried with proper dehumidification and air movement. Fringes are then cleaned and treated and in some cases bleached to ensure maximum beauty and brightness. Houston Building
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Did you know that most area rug cleaning companies use a cleaning agent similar to common laundry soap? Most of these cleaning agents may or may not damage fine rug fibers, but either way they leave a soapy chemical residue that will cause the rugs to attract soils more quickly. The majority of fine area rugs are normally made from either wool or silk yarns. They may also be a blend of both types of fiber. Wool and silk are two of the most absorbent natural fibers known to man. If not cleaned and sealed properly, they will quickly absorb all types of dirt and airborne debris. Carpet Cleaning
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